Good Questions to Ask Your Friends

Coffee dates and dinner dates are the new way to socialize, but you've got to have something to talk about. Two hours over mocha lattes without good conversation isn't going to get you far. Hence, it is important to know some good questions to ask your friends.

You can start with small talk, bringing up the general questions of "how has work been?", "anything new lately?", or "what are you plans for the weekend?" These questions open up the lines of communication, get the ball rolling, and provide information to further conversation.

If you're not interested in asking the traditional small talk questions, and you are hoping to learn some new and interesting things about your friends, you are going to have to be creative. Deep questions, important questions, or random questions are all great ways to start a conversation and keep it going.

Look at some of these questions below. Maybe you can use these on your friends next time there is an occasion.

Opinion questions provide good conversation as well. You might try asking some of the following:

Thought-provoking questions give new insights into your friend and open up pathways of deeper communication.

Last but not least, random questions make for interesting conversation and good laughs.

As you can see, asking your friends good questions isn't difficult. Rather, it requires some creativity and a willingness to receive interesting answers.